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Corona notice to our members and partners



In line with clear advice and recommendations from the Norwegian health authorities, the employees of NUME will work from their home from 12th until 26th of Mars 2020.

Our office in Maritimt Hus are totally closed in the same period.

All physical meetings, courses, conferences etc. are also canceled in this period.

Information will be posted on our website about canceled events and everyone who is registered or summoned will be notified directly.

NUME will continue to monitor this serious situation closely, and on the basis of clear advice provided by the authorities, continuously evaluate and update with relevant information on http://www.dnmf.no

All employees can anyway be reached as usual by e-mail or mobile phone.



Hege-Merethe Bengtsson 414 41 818hmb@dnmf.no
Odd Rune Malterud 913 21 563orm@dnmf.no
Håkon Eidset 469 51 528he@dnmf.no
Knut Walle-Hansen 948 37 172kwh@dnmf.no
Svein Roger Mandal 977 20 390srm@dnmf.no
Ulf Brekke 954 69 804ub@dnmf.no
Rune Johnsrud 977 93 156rj@dnmf.no
Helene Brandal 977 20 390hjb@dnmf.no
Christian Fossum 916 49 453cf@dnmf.no
Linda Norgren 911 04 142ln@dnmf.no
Line Rogne 928 34 008lr@dnmf.no
Jørgen Ringen Andersen 975 44 641jra@dnmf.no
Vigdis Askjem 924 12 163va@dnmf.no
Jogvan Gardar 907 00 926jhg@dnmf.no


If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Managing Director Hege-Merethe Bengtsson

Assistant Director & Technical Manager Odd Rune Malterud