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IMO ASSEMBLY 31st session 2019



Chair of ITF Maritime Safety Committee Odd Rune Malterud participate the 31st session of the IMO Assembly commenced on the 25th of November 2019 in IMO headquarters, London, UK. The meeting lasts until 4th December 2019 followed by 123rd session of Council.

The importance of IMO Assembly is that it invites all high-level political officials of its 174 member States, which accelerates technical considerations and decisions that had been made throughout two years to be effectively implemented and enforced in their countries. Moreover, it is the venue where the maritime leaders of member States present visions and goals of national maritime. When the Assembly sees the common issues amongst member States, it is the future of the maritime of the 174 countries. It is the future of global maritime.

The saga of rapid changes with continuous technological development we are living in, it is imperative how human element adapts. At this session, the international maritime leaders addressed the future of the maritime in the following aspects:

- The importance of the IMO and cooperation;

- Actions against climate change, GHG emissions reduction;

- Maritime competence, today and tomorrow;

- Digitalisation and development of information technology and cyber security;

- Safety of life at sea in polar waters;

- Safety of fishing vessels;

- Marine environmental protection – ship recycling, underwater noise and marine plastic; and

- Piracy and armed robbery.

IMO november 2019 ORM.jpg
Fv. ITF MSC Chair Odd Rune Malterud, IMO Liaison Assistant Jihyeon Gina Kim, ITF Accredited
Representative to the IMO, Branko Berlan

Amongst all speakers, secretary of state of Norway, Mr. Geir Inge Sivertsen (H) made a speech on Norway's statement to the IMO.

He thanked the IMO for its more than 70-year commitment to set standards for the global maritime to ensure safety, security and environmental soundness, such as Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction strategies. At the same time, his excellency emphasised that in order to achieve the strategies, it is crucial to also harvest the sea and protect it correctly – we need both.

He also emphasised that current and the future maritime competences, in particular for seafarers in order to thrive on not only the productivity but also the protection of the ocean. This statement was it message.

He further emphasised that robust IMO regulations are fundamental and the importance of effective implementation and practice by member States. Lastly, he pledged that Norway would continue to be an active partner to IMO for worldwide secure and safety.